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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

There's another Phantom!

In my very own neighborhood! A Vento Phantom scooter, a shiny, bright red one. I've not met the owner yet but I'll be watching out in the future. Yesterday on the way to the house, I stopped for some fresh flowers at the local Albertsons, so that things would be pretty when the BSU got home from her Oregon trip. And in the parking lot, in front of the shopping strip portion of the plaza was another scooter! How about that? Anyway, I of course parked right next to the red one and went to do my buying, hoping that the other scooter owner would see the doubling of scooters in the space and be available to chit-chat. But no luck, the scoot was still there when I came out and no other rider in sight.

So I'll be watching and maybe I'll even print up some cards to say hi when I find another scooter unattended. Maybe we can share some ideas and sneak off for a ride just for fun.

My scoot's doing pretty well right now though I had to table the megaphone muffler plan again. It caused my engine to run so lean that performance really suffered. Last night I bought 2 bigger main jets and hopefully I'll get to experiment with them later this week. After the rain stops. Again.

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